The Necessity of Networking

Posted: Mar 25 2013

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'It's not what you know, it's who you know' is an idiom that we are all familiar with, and while it is by no means the whole truth; there is certainly something in there that many of us will recognise as pretty accurate. Networking is the primary means of expanding your contacts in the corporate world and can take place in person or increasingly via social media, with facilities like LinkedIn making it possible for professionals to interact and even to introduce one another. At Team Challenge Company, we know how important networking can be, not only for expanding your contacts, but also for getting to know your clients.

When it comes to creating a networking event for your clients, instead of simply hiring a room, having a few drinks and a speech thanking people for coming,,why not get creative and do something that will break the ice and really get people taking? There is nothing worse than turning up to a networking event and not knowing where to start so it is important to give people the opportunity to join in and to create a welcoming environment. If this sounds like quite a lot to ask then why not get in touch with our experienced Event Management team and let them help create your ideal networking event. That way we can create your perfect networking opportunity that suits both you and your clients, leaving you free to welcome your guests and network too! Result!

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