Posted: Jan 08 2016

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Making New Year's resolutions is something that many people do on a personal level, but very rarely are these promises kept. Here at Team Challenge Company, we think that managers should be making resolutions, too - after all, a better manager equals a better team, and that ultimately leads to better profits.

The end of the year can be a big time for reflection; reviewing successes and failures, as well as preparing for the next, capitalising on things that went well and learning from mistakes to ensure they don' get repeated.  When this gets applied to a manager, this means improving how they work in order to get the most from their team.

There is so much more to being a good manager than just sporadically organising team building events, so we have come up with a list of ten resolutions that are easy to implement, and will produce results with a quick turnaround. In no particular order: 

  • Create an engaging environment where you are aware of staffs goals, wants and needs. Be engaged in their lives and schedules, and they will feel more valued and productive.
  • Stick to set working hours; lead by example. Don't encourage your staff to stay in the office any longer than 45 hours where possible. Encourage them to instead have a healthy work/life balance.

  • Build on internal relationships rather than creating competition among employees, as this can be demotivating.
  • Praise your team individually for their hard work, and do so regularly, rather than just when it helps you out.
  • Give more opportunities and training to diversify your workforce and their skill set. They will feel more motivated and productive, as well as more confident in their role and valued in the company.
  • Avoid finding just faults, be constructive in your criticisms and suggest improvements. Remember to pick on positives as easily as you do negatives.

  • Listen to your staff, and feed back accordingly. This level of communication is deep rooted in the psyche and is important for staff to have opinions that are valued and respected.
  • Be flexible - if staff need to work from home via email and can do so easily, then a degree of flexibility is encouraged. Judge your staff on their output and abilities, not hours spent in the office.

  • Be supportive of all staff - older, younger, male, female, junior, senior, new, long standing - and your efforts will be rewarded by loyal and hard-working staff with a culture of respect and trust.
  • Do engage in some team building events, annual, bi-annual or even monthly staff days and nights out. Trips are a great way for the team to bond, and it will motivate them more as a team in the office.

With the right resolutions by your side, and some positive thinking, you could really transform the way you manage your staff, and the results will speak for themselves. For more information on any of our team building events, please peruse our website for inspiration and get in touch, to book your event with Team Challenge Company.

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