Posted: Jan 13 2016

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The tradition of making goals and New Year's resolutions no longer just applies to individuals, it can also be beneficial for businesses that are looking to improve and better themselves compared to last year. Some might say that setting resolutions for your team is a well-being strategy, and here at www.teamchallenge-company.co.uk, we cannot agree enough with this sentiment.  Once the groundwork and foundations are in place, you can then focus on the right team building events that will really cement your team in place.

While resolutions, on the whole, are not a new idea, it can be difficult to transform something that is traditionally a personal journey, and apply it to the workplace. We understand the need for this type of goal-oriented motivation in the office, however, so we have come up with a list of ten resolutions that we believe will help you build a stronger team for 2016.

Team Building Inspiration

  • Reward staff for their successes, and, now and then, for their failures too.  There is no innovation without risk taking, and if you haven't failed, then you haven't taken enough risks. Drive your business forward by encouraging staff to take risks, and allow them to learn positively from their mistakes. The right candidates will take the criticism constructively
  • Roles and responsibilities are subject to change within a growing and evolving business. Clarify job roles regularly and adjust remuneration, accordingly. Your staff will retain a sense of pride in knowing their place in the business and will be much more productive as a result
  • Set short and long term goals; as individuals and as a team. Look at where your staff want to be and work out how you can get there together

  • Encourage team social activities; be it a regular sporting competition, getting involved in charity work or even a work meal once a month. Getting to know each other personally allows for easier communication and working relationships professionally
  • Invest in your staff, whether for further training needs or new office furniture, it will be appreciated and you will gain a lot in return - more focused staff who are comfortable and engaged in their job
  • Increase engagement with team members that aren't based in your main office. Utilising technology such as Skype and video calling, as well as including them in office emails will ensure these members of staff feel as included as everyone close to home does, too

  • Hold an annual team building event. Not only is this something for your team to look forward to, but it will also make new members of staff feel more involved and at home
  • Consider introducing in external help to run your team building events - they can be laborious to plan and organise, so let the experts do the hard work for you
  • Set a recycling challenge for the team and do something positive for the local community as well as your business
  • Set aside an hour or so once a month for the whole office to get together and have a catch-up. Team updates, personal updates and plans for the future, quick-fire games and awards are a great way to let loose and take a quick break, before getting back to work; rejuvenated

With so many different ways to grow and develop your team, building these resolutions into your schedules should be relatively easy and the results will be forthcoming.

Should you require any help in organising any team building events for your business, our team of experts are on hand to offer advice or even plan the entire event. Fill out a contact form and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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