The Domino Effect

Posted: Oct 05 2015

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Ever noticed how, when one person is in a foul mood, it seems to have the ultimate domino effect and darkens the whole atmosphere?
The key to maintaining the correct atmosphere in the workplace is team building. People tend to lean towards the loudest and most outspoken people a lot more, which encourages shyness and pushes the quiet types even further back into their shell.

But you know when they say “it’s always the quiet ones” – it usually is. They just need a little coaxing, and soon enough, they could even put the office joker to shame.
So back to team building. In your mind, divide your team into subcategories, and you’ll find that everyone falls into a particular category.


Leaders of the pack, confident, usually outspoken and know what they want. These types are stubborn and like to be in control. People look to this person for direction, so the pressure is usually always on them to shine. They like to be busy, even when they have nothing left to do, sometimes just to prove a point. This individual is very competitive and loves a good challenge.


Loud, funny and great to be around. This person doesn’t take life too seriously but knows where to draw that line at work. Always happy and bouncing around the place, these types can have low self-esteem, hence the cover up.

Needs a little push sometimes

This individual goes with the flow; if the mood is dark, they follow suit. If the mood is bright, they follow suit. This type of personality will always look to follow the dominators as they are unsure of their own direction. Slightly conscious of themselves, but try their best not to show it. Just happy to bumble along.

Misery guts

This one is moody more often than not, for no apparent reason. They refuse to lighten up and are extremely uptight. Sometimes, they take things too seriously and to heart, but they will only show you their tough exterior and “I don’t care” attitude. Bordering on the stuck up, this individual gets on with the dominators quite often. 

Shy & quiet

These individuals tread on eggshells around everyone and usually don’t speak for fear of being in the limelight. They get nervous, clam up and never speak until spoken to. This type doesn’t share their opinion much in case they look stupid to other people, but they are very observant and intelligent. They often wish they were more popular but get too anxious as they hate drawing any attention to themselves. 
Now, depending on the amount of people in your workplace, you can split them equally into three or four teams, being careful to put the funnier and more dominating characters in ratio to the quieter types in each group.
These teams are now your projects. Try sitting these teams together for a day or arranging a team building event where these groups can work alongside each other and prop each other up.

Then all you need to do is sit back and wait for the quieter personalities to surface. You may be pleasantly surprised! Besides, they will all have something in common to talk about when they’re back at work.
Give  Team Challenge Company  a call today and let us help you plan your team building days and events.

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