The Great Outdoors

Posted: Jun 09 2016

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When it comes to the health and well-being of your employees, there is a number of reports and research to support the notion that being exposed to nature does wonders for mental and physical health, as well as productivity, creativity and reducing stress levels.

According to author Richard Louv, being deprived of the great outdoors for the best part of your working life is known as Nature Deficit Disorder.

If you are looking to improve the health and well-being of your employees, as well as the level and quality of work produced, then there are a number of easy steps you can take to ensure this; include outdoor team building events along with outdoor office and personal space. You can even incorporate flowers and greenery into the office environment.

How to Get the Team Outdoors

Creating an outdoor meeting room in a gazebo or sheltered picnic area is a great way to break up the day; giving your employees a change of scenery, as well as boosting creativity and ‘outside the box thinking' - all by changing the location of a meeting. On a sunny day, not only will this be a welcome break from the confines of a stuffy office, but it will also provide staff with a breath of fresh air.

Create a culture that has room for flexibility. If there are members of your team that are looking for a few hours of dedication and focus away from the constant office chit-chat and ringing phones, this outdoor space is ideal to get away from it for a few hours to get their head down to some serious work.

Schedule some time for the whole team to come together with outdoor team building events that are built around your business needs. Here at Team Challenge Company, we have a whole host of activities and events that will not only get your team motivated and working together but will get them out of the office, too.

Choose the GPS Interactive Treasure Hunt to really challenge your staff to work together in a fun and learning environment; the S1 Soapbox Derby to encourage creativity and collaboration amongst departments; or the Wilderness Challenge for some of the best team building activities in the UK.

Finally, the weather isn't always as accommodating as you'd like, so be sure to bring a little of the outdoors in to keep your staff connected to nature even when it's pouring down with rain. Add some greenery and flowers around the office for a splash of colour. Make it staff responsibility to tend to and care for the flowers for another great way of encouraging bonding within the team

Think you've got what it takes to tackle nature deficit disorder and create a working space that nurtures your staff as well as the environment? For more resources, please visit our website for outdoor team building events and ideas. 

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