Posted: Jan 28 2016

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Games are part and parcel of growing up. Children are encouraged to play games with their friends, siblings and families in order to develop vital skills; communication, teamwork, problem-solving and successful collaboration. As we grow older, we spend less time playing games and having fun and invest more time in our commitment to working hard and having a family. That's not to say, there isn't a place for games in the workplace, though, as our Interactive Treasure Hunt proves. Combining the world of technology into this traditional team game is the perfect way to enhance your team!

Go Team!

The way that our Interactive Treasure Hunt is designed, utilising the state of the art Go Team app and GPS technology, means your teams will be able to navigate their way around your city of choice, following clues and undertaking challenges along the way.

Not only is the treasure hunt fun and exciting, but the gamification of tasks that people routinely undertake is seen to not only increase productivity levels, but it also encourages better teamwork, colleague interaction and is a great way to motivate your staff. Not only is great news for businesses like yours, but some of the biggest names in the business world swear by it, so you're in good hands.

‘X' Marks the Spot

Teams are pushed to the limit with this interactiveteam building game. Developing existing skills, challenging them mentally and physically with different tasks and activities means that as well as bonding and having fun, your staff will have something tangible to take away with them.

This sort of treasure hunt exercise is great for building and maintaining a positive team culture; not only will your staff feel good about themselves - whether they have won or not - but they will also feel like they are a part of a family in the workplace.

Competitive Fun

While the primary aim of the game, from the players' perspective, is to win, there is so much more at stake than a few prizes. Your staff will be playing an Interactive Treasure Hunt, but they will be utilising communication skills, putting their heads together to solve problems, and thinking outside of the box to get where they want to be. Not only are these the attributes you want in the workplace, but your staff will be much more productive on returning to the office on a sense of pride amongst their peers.

If this sounds like the sort of activity you can see your staff enjoying, then please do not hesitate to contact our team for a sample trail guide to see what the fuss is really all about. You won't be disappointed when you organise your team building events with Team Challenge Company.

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