Three Team Building Activities for Thrill Seekers

Posted: Mar 28 2015

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There is so much choice when it comes to team building days, and if you have a team full of thrill-seekers, you can sometimes struggle to find something challenging enough. How do you strike the balance between a fun, team-friendly experience and an adrenaline-pumping adventure the team will remember? 

Well, our range of high adventure team building activities are a good place to start and to give you an idea of the options available, we have listed three great ideas below. So read on and see how Team Challenge Company can help you reach your thrill-seeking potential.

Gorge Walking

This high adventure activity will have your team battling the elements as they take on the rapids, the waterfalls, and the wonders that come with the great outdoors. Those involved can dive in and explore pools along the route, fully immersing themselves in the wonders that come with the great outdoors.

Our experienced guides will take your team up rock faces, behind waterfalls, and along narrow edges that will get even the toughest candidate's heart racing. Waterfall jumps, boulder hopping and cave exploration, as well as a session in the rapids, are just some of the ways your team can make memories on our gorge walks.

If you want high octane team building that everyone involved will remember, gorge walking with us should be your first choice.


If your team is looking for a high adventure activity to enjoy together, by way of team building, abseiling is a great choice. This is one of our most popular activities for thrill-seeking corporate teams, and we're sure your team will love it.

Professional climbing instructors will help your team members down the rock face, every inch of the way, as they descend the rope to the ground below. The experience will start at the top of a cliff or crag, and you will learn how to descend safely with group and individual coaching.

This activity encourages all team members to embrace life's challenging moments, building confidence and camaraderie, as well as creating memories. You don't have to be an expert thrill-seeker for this one because we cater for all capabilities and levels of experience, with skilled instructors and quality safety gear too. So pick your preferred UK location and get the team ready for an experience they'll never forget.

White Water Rafting

The professional rafting crew will instruct your team as to how to handle yourselves on the water; in addition, you'll be in full safety gear, including helmets and buoyancy aids. This reassurance of safety means you can relax and enjoy the wonderful experience for all it is.

White water rafting with Team Challenge Company is a great way to get an adrenaline boost and a new experience under your belt. You can enjoy the scenery of the calmer waters, before kicking it all up a notch when you reach the rapids; incredibly fun for your entire team.

These three activities are the perfect way to treat your team to a day of entertainment, exploration and team building. There are plenty of other high adventure options though, including canoeing and our 3-Day 3-Peak Challenge. So browse our site and get in touch today to find your perfect team event.

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