Posted: Oct 25 2016

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Employees are one of the most important parts of any business, and keeping them happy, motivated and engaged within a team environment is a full-time job in itself. While it is important to ensure that each individual staff member is satisfied within their role, it is also essential that the team is cohesive, too.

Here, we'd like to discuss Maslow's Theory of Motivation based on his Hierarchy of Needs model for any business owners and managers that are looking for helpful tips and resources to keep their staff motivated in the workplace.

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Understanding Employee Needs

According to Maslow's 1943 paper "A Theory of Human Motivation", there are five key areas, organised as a pyramid that need to be satisfied for an individual to feel happy and content.

These areas are: 

Physiological (Basic) Needs - Such as food, water and sleep 

Safety Needs - Such as shelter, and protection from harm 

Social Needs - Such as being included in part of a team 

Esteem Needs - Such as needing to receive praise and recognition from peers

Self-Actualisation Needs - Where an individual seeks out personal growth and development

Applying Theory in Reality

Applying this instrumental theory to your own business and teams within is an excellent way to ensure that your staff members are happy and motivated in the workplace. While you can't physically provide many of the important factors in Maslow's theory, you can provide a framework that allows your employees to do so themselves.

  • By offering competitive salaries and other benefits such as health insurance or annual bonuses, you can enable your employees to provide themselves and their families with basic physiological needs
  • By providing a safe and comfortable working environment, providing necessary training and any equipment that may be required during the working day; you are fulfilling the safety needs of your employees

  • Getting to know your team members on a personal level as well as professional, through team lunches or corporate fun days allows employees' social needs to be met. It is also important that regular team meetings are held to encourage a culture of working together
  • Champion and recognise successes within the team and compliment individual employees for their achievements - making employees feel important in their role as well as part of a team will ensure that self-esteem needs are met
  • Understand your employee's goals in and out of the office, and provide them with opportunities for growth in this area to allow them room for self-actualisation

By applying this theory of motivation to each member of your team, you can better understand how your employees are feeling; consequently enabling you to build a team that is much happier, more productive, and looks forward to the working week.

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