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Posted: Aug 13 2015

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Great management is no longer based on the theory that people should fear you or develop anxiety as soon as you so much as clear your throat.

Great management is demonstrated through forging mutual respect between yourself and your team. If your team are afraid of saying or doing something for the fear of getting caught or ‘shot down', you are going wrong somewhere. They will just end up hiding things and saving the horrible ‘niceties' for when you're out of sight.

If you're now thinking ‘I don't care what they think of me', you might want to try again. It is natural for all human beings to want to feel wanted and accepted, no matter what position they're in. It is a fact; everyone wants to be likeable.

However, if your team are comfortable enough to question things, receptive to change based on your judgement and think twice before speaking for fear of losing your respect; you're onto a winner.

Hierarchy isn't a thing of the past in most workplaces today, but if you create an atmosphere based on trust and respect, you end up with a close-knit family, rather than a bunch of 9-to-5-ers plodding along on like robots on autopilot. Great communication is the key to success.

Happy Team = Productivity.

Interacting with your team on the same level in turn encourages them to interact with each other, with comfort and ease. Be careful though as everyone is different and there is a fine line between familiarity and professionalism.

A positive/negative balance is always good when delivering criticism. Although criticism in the workplace aims to be constructive, not everyone is susceptible to receive it in the same way.

Balance the negatives out with a positive. For example, "I noticed you haven't reached your target this week, Sarah. Last month you were amazing, though, let's aim for that".

Ending your feedback with something positive and encouraging can leave individuals feeling motivated enough to want to impress you, in order to receive that praise again.

And remember, although you may be running a tight schedule with time based on your responsibilities, arrange and attend team events outside of the workplace. People tend to loosen up when outside of office territory and don't feel inferior to their managers.

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