What To Avoid When Planning A Team Building Event

Posted: Oct 14 2013

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Often you will find that team building events will have a significant effect on the way in which workers interact and the development of the business, however this is not always long-lasting. It is a common misapprehension that one team building event in London will solve all of your problems straight away and that all complications which may have arose over the years between workers will have disappeared over night. This is not the case. Here’s what not to do when planning and following your team building event. A good analogy to follow is that team building is like training for a marathon, you wouldn’t spend one day dedicated to running and the next lazing around on the sofa would you? No, you would put all of your focus and devotion into training for that marathon and you would change everything about your lifestyle including your diet, alteration of your sleep patterns and most of all, your mind-set.  The same principle applies to team building, unless you’re in the right mind set it is never going to work, so ensure you organise an event which will both motivate and lighten everyone’s spirits to really get the ball rolling. Also, following your team building event in London, you must make sure that this focus on team development continues otherwise your company’s long-term success could be held back by a lack of communication.  Like the marathon trainer analogy, you should never give up on something that’s in sight otherwise all that continuous training goes to waste. Something to avoid, which many companies do not realise, is over competitive events. These may sound like a good idea as the separate groups will be bonding and building relationships, however in some cases these can divide the business completely as competition has an awful tendency to make people work against each other. A little competition can be fun and is definitely encouraged to help relationship growth, however try to limit competition at all costs. An example of this is sports. Yes they can be great fun if you’re good at it, but for those who don’t take any interest in games and team rivalry, this can be a great de-motivator especially for those who struggle to grasp the concept of the game or who simply aren’t any good at it. A tip is to create an event which instead of encouraging competition stimulates communication and enables people to depend on each other for success.

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