Which Event is Right for your team?

Posted: Nov 04 2013

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Here at Team Challenge Company, we have a wide range of team building events and activity days that are ideal for getting the team together to take part in something new and exciting. As well as offering a fun day for everyone, team building days also have their benefits, and they can be tailored to meet your team's specific needs. If you, like many managers, prioritise improved communication, enhanced work skills and better relationships within the team, a corporate fun day is just the thing you need to help motivate and inspire your team.    

With all this talk of team building, how exactly do you know which event is right for your team? There is such a broad selection to choose from that it can be difficult to whittle down the list and find the ideal event. To help you, we have compiled the below list of a few of our team building days, and the ways in which they can help your team.

Crystal Challenge

Crystal Challenge is a wonderful way to spend the afternoon with your team. Not only is it an action-packed, fun-filled day out of the office, but it also teaches your company the importance of working as a team to achieve a common goal. This is an invaluable skill that every company should strive for as it encourages team members to work together to come up with solutions, instead of trying to outshine each other. As the old adage goes, two heads are better than one!

Crystal Challenge can also help managers and employees identify their personal strengths and weaknesses; being able to take note of what you are good at and what you are not so good at is a fantastic start to using your strengths and continuing to improve on your weaknesses.

Bush Tucker

We have all seen the celebrities weakening their stomachs with gross grub on the television, but now it's your turn to try the Bush Tucker Trials! Our Bush Tucker event can help encourage employees to motivate each other and provide support when and where needed.

In addition, it gives everyone a chance to try something new and the shyer members of the team will be taken out of their comfort zone slowly, so everyone can enjoy their team building event to the fullest!

Pressure Zone

It's no doubt that work can sometimes be incredibly stressful, and you can often feel the pressure in heated situations. However, learning to deal with the pressure will help employees in the long-run. So, instead of opting for something action-packed, why not go for something a little trickier but just as fun? Our Pressure Zone event is a wonderful opportunity for employees to support and motivate each other, but by forcing them to deal with the challenges and intense pressure of the Zone, it can also teach them how to handle pressure in the right way.

These are just three team building events you can try and a brief explanation of how they can help your workers. If you need any more information on these three events or team building and development in general, please get in touch with Team Challenge Company today.

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