Why the City Scavenger Hunt is the hunt for you

Posted: Sep 28 2015

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There is something invigorating about experiencing an out-of-office day; especially one that is said to be a ‘team building event’, but doesn’t require the usual meeting room and mini whiteboards. YAWN.

Here at Team Challenge Company, we bring imaginative ideas backed by theory to the table, allowing you, your team and even your clients to gain the best from the day. And by the ‘best’ we don’t mean taking a sneaky nap from being bored.
One of the latest events we have launched is our City Scavenger Hunt, sending a group of you out into a city of your choice and giving you the tools to get your hunt underway.

How does it work?

Your team will venture into their selected city, armed with all they will need for the day. There will be all sorts of questions, puzzles and quizzes, which will include searching for local landmarks, architecture and other famous monuments or spots.
Together with the questions, they’ll need to scavenge objects and take ten photos relevant to the challenges they come across.

A Fugitive?

Yes, that’s right; you’ll also be on the hunt for a fugitive of your very own. The clock will be ticking as you look for them, so it is paramount that your team is working together effectively and efficiently to achieve a fast result.

Who’s it for?

This is a great activity for anyone that needs to throw themselves into teamwork, but might be hesitant otherwise. Perhaps if you have new starters, this light-hearted fun might be a great way to introduce them to the team, without too much pressure.

Together with fun, this City Scavenger Hunt is great for developing fast-thinking skills and problem-solving as a group, allowing those with different skills to pull together and help each other towards a mutual goal.

Within corporate environments, it can be difficult to recognise people’s skill sets, particularly those that will tuck themselves away in a corner. However,  the hunt doesn’t require anyone to be thrown into an embarrassing situation, but rather to initiate discussions and brainstorming,  in order to beat the clock.
It’s a fantastic team building event for well-established teams, as well as those who have new additions, allowing for everyone to connect over an informal and exciting city adventure.
If you think your team could do with a City Scavenger adventure, or any other team building adventure, then take a look at our extensive offerings or give us a call

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